TRIVIA @THE CREEK – EVERY Tuesday at 7pm!!

QuizXpress Trivia is coming to Weston Creek Labor Club on the 7th of Feb!

Once you’ve played QuizXpress you will never want paper based trivia again!
No pens!
No paper!
No cheating!

Just state of the art wireless and mobile buzzers! QuizXpress is just like being in a real life TV quiz show!
There is a dynamic LIVE scoreboard and players get to see the correct answer immediately after
everyone locks in their answers!

Each trivia round is different;
• Fastest Finger rounds – Only the team or person who presses the buzzer first and answers
correctly gets the points.

• Everybody Answers – All players or teams get to answer and everyone stands to lose or win
points but wait to long and as the clock counts down so do the points.

• Last man standing – Players or teams are eliminated for answering incorrectly

• Trivia Ladder – Depending on how you answer in the round dictates your position on the ladder
and the amount of points you win.

• Game Time – Throughout the night we’ll play some fun, exciting and totally interactive games like a
Horse Race, Magic Cups, Penalty Shootout, Wheel of Fun, and High and Low cards

With new and exciting content every week, make QuizXpress your regular Tuesday Night activity with family and friends! Great prizes to be won!